Amplify and Advocate Project

Youth & Educators!

Answer this question: What will you stand for?

22×20 has partnered with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to create a flagship video series for the Amplify and Advocate Project.

The first video highlights how, for centuries, young people have advocated using elections and voting.

Visit Smithsonian’s History Explorer for a video discussion guide and more information!

How to Participate

Get Started with the Amplify and Advocate Project

The Amplify and Advocate Project is about teens creating images and short videos as a step towards increasing their thinking about elections and voting. Our Advocacy and Call to Action Planning guide helps you get started!

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What Teens Get

Use these lesson plans to create media that raises awareness and persuades others to take action. MOST IMPORTANT : Get the Word Out! Post your creations to 22× and share to your own social media pages using #22×20.

What Educators Get

Five project sessions to help you use this activity in your program or classroom to teach media literacy skills and help youth create media advocating for any cause, issue, or civic action.

Use the hashtag #22×20 to spread the word!

Amplify Youth Voices!

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What is the 22×20 Youth Media-Making Toolkit?

The Youth Media-Making Toolkit is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive package that fully connects media-making with our democracy, elections and voting.

The Toolkit’s lessons and actions are designed for educators working with young people ages 13-18.

Young people often don’t feel represented in politics or news.

22×20 is a network of teens, media, cultural and educational partners amplifying and diversifying teen voice, political expression, and media creation in the lead up to the 2020 election and beyond.

Why media creation?

Media creation supports youth, building nonpartisan media literacy skills to interpret, critique, and respond to political messages as a critical step towards engagement and 22 million youth casting ballots in 2020.

Share your creations at 22×

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You and your students can post anonymously. Then be sure to follow us on Twitter @22millionvotes and Instagram @22millionvoters to see your submissions go live.

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