22 million teens will turn 18 by the 2020 US election. Let’s get them to the polls.

What we’re doing

We invite you to join us for the State of the Union (SOTU) address on January 30, 2018. Attend a local action party, host an event, use our tools to facilitate discussion, and/or use the hashtag #22×20 while watching this important speech.

Who we are

22×20 is our campaign focused on activating and facilitating youth voice and leadership in the democratic process. We’re empowering youth with nonpartisan media literacy skills to consume, critique, and respond to political messages.

Why we’re doing this

Political polarization and the overwhelming amount of content available make it easy for teens to tune out. Among youth who voted in 2016, only 25% felt confident about American democracy. Youth voting has plateaued and is highly unequal. Strengthening civic skills and restoring trust among teens is key to sustaining and strengthening political engagement.

Young people who experience high quality, interactive civic learning are more likely to vote. But while civic education still exists in the US, schools do not have structural incentives to spend substantive time on it, assess it, or deepen it. That’s where we come in.

Civic education, media literacy, and active participation in public discourse will inform, engage, and motivate first time voters. They’ll value the power of their vote and voice, as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens. America needs informed voters. The future is now.

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