22 million teens will turn 18 by the 2020 U.S. election. Let’s engage now.

By 2020, 22 million teenagers should be at the polls—as informed, motivated, media literate new voters.

Our nonpartisan 22×20 campaign broadens and diversifies youth voice about public issues in the lead-up to national and local elections.

We invite educators and community leaders to host local action parties, and to use our prepared tools to inspire teen civic engagement and media creation.

You Can Help!

Educators & Community Leaders

Access a wealth of classroom resources and workshops to promote engagement and motivate teenagers to vote in local and national elections.

Educate teen voters

Sponsors & Donors

We are fortunate to have the backing of some incredible corporate and media organizations. Join us to envision a more active young voter.

Amplify young voices


Host an action party, donate skills and time, and help 22×20 spread nationwide. We need students, educators, and community volunteers.

Join a growing movement

Use the hashtag #22×20 to spread the word!

Join Us to Empower the Vote

Many teens think their voices don’t matter.

Among youth who voted in 2016, only 25% felt confident about American democracy. Party politics and an onslaught of content make teens tune out.

We must start earlier. Being a part of democracy begins before 18.

As a country, we can inspire political engagement and media literacy by supporting teen voices and providing evidence that their voices are heard—this will build civic skills for lifelong participation.

Better democracy starts with youth.

22×20 Campaign Partners

Who we are

22×20 is a groundbreaking national campaign and network of media, cultural and educational partners amplifying and diversifying teen voice, political expression, and media creation in the lead up to the 2020 election and beyond. We’re supporting youth to build nonpartisan media literacy skills to interpret, critique, and respond to political messages as a critical step towards engagement.